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Bus System - PowerWave Bus System - simple yet robust overhead busway power distribution systemXT MT

1. Toughrail Technology™
PowerWave Toughrail Technology™ ensures your structured overhead busway is not only flexible, but rugged. The extruded aluminum housing is of a one-piece design and has integrated channels for both an isolated ground and communications cable for our integrated branch circuit monitoring solution.
2. Flexibility
Flexible design is built into every aspect of PowerWave Busway. With elbows, tees and cross sections available any number of designs can be achieved. Furthermore, our Tap-Off boxes are customized to your specifications including breaker size and type, receptacle type and cable whips lengths.
3. Branch Circuit Monitoring
The integrated communications channel in our busway makes monitoring power overhead simple. The PowerWave Bus System can monitor both the end feed and Tap-Off boxes independently while offering multiple display options and integration into your existing Building Management System (BMS) or Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) system.
4. International Bus System
Designed exclusively for African, Asian and Latin American data center facilities PDI’s PowerWave Silver™ provides compact power distribution systems to server racks in a lightweight 150A and 250A busway format. Using innovative coupling technology, PowerWave Silver minimizes keep-out areas, thereby making more busway space available for tap-off boxes. Innovative compact design, safe installation and lightweight aluminium conductors make this an ideal solution for medium to large data center applications.

PDI Power Distribution Units

PDI has three PDU product lines with PDUs from 50 kVA to 1mVA:

  • PowerHub® PDUs range from 225 kVA to 1 mVA in a central power distribution module with up to 14 large subfeeds.

  • PowerPak PDUs range from 50 to 300 kVA with efficient TP-1 transformers and offer considerable configuration flexibility. A PowerPak PDU can configure up to 8 panelboards, providing a large distribution network of up to 336 panelboard circuits and up to 12 subfeeds.

  • The ServerLine Profile PDU 50-150 kVA is a smaller kVA PDU in a ServerLine cabinet that can be located among server racks with a matching cabinet profile.

  • Power monitoring is available on all units, circuits, transformer inputs, and transformer outputs.

    PDI Remote Power Panel (RPP) Series

    PDI’s RPPs provide the added distribution capacity you need in a variety of power distribution configurations, all of them in a small footprint.

    The Advantages of RPPs
    A Remote Power Panel (RPP) provides power distribution extensions from PDUs or other power sources directly to server racks with several benefits:

  • Distribution capacity:
  • Your PDU may have ample power capacity, but no extra breaker or panelboard capacity. An RPP, powered from a single PDU subfeed or 208V distribution panel, provides circuit (or pole) capacity so that you can easily expand your server capacity without adding PDUs.
  • Cooling:
  • PDUs are usually placed outside the server room because of the heat they generate. As distribution extensions of PDUs in the server room, RPPs reduce cooling needs.
  • Footprint:
  • RPPs are footprint-compatible with server racks (2Ꞌ x 2Ꞌ or 2Ꞌ x 4Ꞌ) and architecturally compatible with server rack designs.
  • Server layout flexibility:
  • RPPs can be placed virtually anywhere on the server room floor, adaptable to various equipment layouts.
  • Maintenance:
  • RPPs, RPP panelboards, or individual circuits can be shut down for maintenance while the associated PDU remains powered up.

    Distribution Capacity in a Small Footprint
    A PDI RPP can pack in a lot in a 2' x 2' floor tile footprint:
  • Dual feeds
  • Up to 168 circuit breakers in four panelboards
  • PDI’s Branch Circuit Monitoring System
  • WaveStar® Color Monitor or WaveStar® Monitor (monochrome)

  • PDI RPPs
    PDI has the most comprehensive line of Remote Power Panels (RPPs) in the data center business.

    Click on these links for information on specific products:
    PowerPak RPP (4 PBs)
    Mission Critical RPP (4 PBs)
    Wall Mount RPP (2 PBs)
    ServerLine Profile RPP (4 PBs)

    Click on these links for details on RPP power monitoring:
    Branch Circuit Monitoring (BCMS)
    WaveStar Color Monitor
    WaveStar Monitor (monochrome)

    PDI Static Transfer Switches

    PDI offers 3-pole and 4-pole static transfer switches in a wide range of amperages that provide 4 ms transfers. PDI also has transfer algorithms that reduce magnetic inrush to 1.5x. All units have triple redundant power supplies and logic.

    PDI’s STSs can also be closely packaged with WaveStar® PowerPak PDUs, creating redundant systems:

    For more information click on these links:
    WaveStar STS: 3-pole 150-2000A, 4-pole 150-800A
    Redundant Systems

    PDI also offers a rack-mounted single-phase STS with 6 ms transfers.

    For more information click on this link:
    QuickSwitch Rack mount 1-ph STS

    PDI Primary and Secondary Redundant Systems

    Using custom WaveStar® PowerPak PDUs you can create automatically switched primary and secondary systems in conjunction with WaveStar® Static Transfer Switches, or manually switched primary and secondary systems using interlocked circuit breakers.

    Primary PDU Automatic or Manual System
    In a automatically switched primary system, a WaveStar® STS with redundant inputs (typically 480V or 600V with other voltages available) feeds a WaveStar® PowerPak PDU, typically with 120/208V outputs.

    In a manually switched primary system, the STS is replaced by interlocked circuit breakers.

    Secondary PDU Automatic or Manual System
    In a automatically switched secondary system, two PowerPak PDUs feed a WaveStar® Static Transfer Switch. PDU inputs are typically 480V or 600V (other input voltages also available) with 208V outputs to the STS.

    In a manually switched primary system, the STS is replaced by interlocked circuit breakers.

    In both secondary systems, the main feeds to panelboards on both PDUs are fed by either the STS output or the output of the interlocked circuit breakers.

    PDI Global Maintenance Bypass Cabinet

    PDI offers custom maintenance bypass cabinets that align to match your UPS cabinets.

  • Available in either a two or three breaker design, with or without distribution and with or without transformers.
  • Quick delivery is available to accompany any vendor’s UPS system.

  • Features
  • 35 kAIC molded case breakers
  • Two breaker and three breaker design
  • Electrical interlock for performing testing or maintenance on the UPS
  • Will work with any manufacturer’s UPS or as a stand alone unit
  • Standard output terminal block provided for two (2) 350 MCM cables per phase

  • Optional Features
  • 65 kAIC current rating
  • Custom designs available to suit your application
  • Isolation transformers and distribution
  • Key release solenoid interlock system

  • PDI's Branch Circuit Monitoring System (BCMS)

    PDI’s Branch Circuit Monitoring System (BCMS) is a patented system that allows pro-active management of branch circuits.

  • BCMS provides both remote and local monitoring and control over loads
  • BCMS delivers information to Building Management/Power Monitoring System via
  • Modbus RTU open protocol, Modbus TCP, or SNMP
  • BCMS information can be displayed locally in the computer room with local power monitoring stations, using WaveStar® Monitors or WaveStar® BCMS Hubs
  • With BCMS you can increase the reliability of your data center to the server level.

  • BCMS can be
  • Installed on PDI equipment at the factory
  • Installed on OEM equipment with BCMS kits
  • Retrofitted to PDI or non-PDI equipment with retrofit kits or with JCOMM®

  • PDI’s (BCMS) provides extensive monitoring information on
  • PDU subfeeds
  • Panelboards
  • Main feeds to panelboards
  • Individual branch circuits

  • Specialized points lists or Modbus register maps cater to special monitoring needs:

  • The Normal list gives you great flexibility in alarm reporting, allowing you to customize alarms for each individual branch circuit.
  • The Power-KWH points list lets you customize power reporting information for each individual branch circuit.
  • The IEC list is suitable for international power monitoring requirements.
  • The Enhanced Subfeeds points list provides measurements and alarms for large PDU subfeeds, such as those typically found on a WaveStar® PowerHub PDU.

  • BCMS comes in a Basic current-only monitoring version and in a BCMS Plus version, which greatly extends monitoring capability:
    Individual Branch Circuit: - Basic Program and BCMS Plus

    Summation of branch: - Basic Program and BCMS Plus

    Breakers per panelboard: - Basic Program and BCMS Plus

    Average current: - Basic Program and BCMS Plus

    Minimum/maximum current: - Basic Program and BCMS Plus

    Alarm setting: - Basic Program and BCMS Plus

    Summary alarm via Modbus™: - Basic Program and BCMS Plus

    Optional local monitoring capability:- Basic Program and BCMS Plus

    Current demand: - BCMS Plus

    Real Power - Kva per panelboard: - BCMS Plus

    Apparent Power - Kva per panelboard: - BCMS Plus

    Reactive Power - Kva per panelboard: - BCMS Plus

    Kilowatt hours per panelboard: - BCMS Plus

    Power factor per panelboard: - BCMS Plus

    Frequency per panelboard: - BCMS Plus

    Over/under voltage per panelboard: - BCMS Plus

    Input phase current neutral, ground: - BCMS Plus

    Panelboard phase loss A, B, C: - BCMS Plus

    Voltage L-L, L-N for 3 phases, panelboard: - BCMS Plus

    BCMS gives you several ways to report measurement data and alarms:

  • Via Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, or SNMP protocols to building management systems
  • Local WaveStar® Monitors installed on PDI equipment, such as PDUs, where BCMS supplements transformer and other PDU data to provide a complete PDU monitoring package
  • WaveStar® BCMS Hub, a large power monitoring station that collects data from up to (70) BCMS devices, such as panelboards

  • BCMS is commonly installed in the factory for PDI equipment. For other BCMS installation options, click these links:
    BCMS Kits

    For information on local power monitoring displays, click these links:
    WaveStar Color Monitor
    WaveStar Monitor (monochrome)
    WaveStar BCMS Hub



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